Website Referral Agreement

8.1. You are free to promote your own websites, but you are prohibited from creating or using a promotion that mentions AWeber, which could be perceived by the public or the press as a joint effort between you and the company. All balances due to you will not be paid if your account is terminated due to unacceptable advertisements. To avoid confusion, you must respect the advertising restrictions listed below: this partnership agreement is a separate agreement from the agreement that Ringlead has with its end users (as Ringlead can be changed from time to time, “ringlead customer agreement”). However, for reasons of simplicity and consistency, the definitions of certain terms related to our products and services (particularly software, hosted services, products and authorized users) will be identical to those of Ringlead`s customer agreement. 3.4. AWeber reserves the right to terminate this contract and your participation in the AWeber program immediately and without notification if you commit fraud while using the AWeber program or if you abuse in any way. If such fraud or abuse is detected, AWeber is not liable to you for transfers made for such fraudulent activities. 8.4. They should not be called “interstitials,” “parasitesā„¢,” “Parasitic Marketing,” “Shopping Assistance Application,” “Toolbar Facilities und/or Add-ons,” “Shopping Wallets” or “Deceptive Pop-ups and/or Pop-Unders transmit to consumers as soon as the consumer clicks on a qualifying link until the consumer has completely left your website (i.e. no page of our website or website or brand is visible on the final screen). As is used here, the term “parasiteā„¢” and “Parasitic Marketing” refers to an application that (a) causes, by chance or direct intent, the crushing of tracking reference cookies by a means other than a click on a qualifying link on a website or an email initiated by the customer; (b) intercepts searches to divert traffic via installed software, creating pop-ups, reference payment tracking cookies or other payment tracking cookies if, under normal circumstances, a user has arrived at the same destination by the results indicated by the search (search engines are not limited to Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and similar search engines or directories); (c) reference payment tracking cookies by downloading the AWeber website in the Iframes, hidden links and automatic pop-ups that open the AWeber site; (d) text on sites that do not target websites 100% owned by the app owner for contextual marketing; or (e) removes, replaces or blocks the visibility of banners by other banners that are not on websites 100% owned by the app owner.