Uab Research Collaboration Agreement

The university has also developed different methods of financial support for entrepreneurial initiatives developed by its university community (i.e. the creation of spin-offs, start-ups, etc.). In this sense, UAB has been involved in the creation of financial networks of business angels and has attracted other types of foreign investment to ensure the viability of entrepreneurial projects and to protect innovation. Good examples of these actions have been several agreements with other universities (z.B. Uniba Networks and The Alliances of Universities of Catalonia). The Alba Synchroton/CELLS project [1], which dates back to the early 1990s, is a long-term project that has a considerable influence on UAB`s entrepreneurial agenda. A synchrotron is an electron accelerator. The electrons are held in a circular ring through a magnetic field and produce X-rays tangentially in their trajectory. In 2013, UAB, UAB Research Park and Alba Synchrotron signed a cooperation agreement to promote the transfer and exchange of scientific knowledge between the three institutions and strategically coordinate their internationalization efforts in the field of research and education. Integration of all physical resources in construction projects: UAB-Forschungspark, UAB-Kompetenzzentrum and UAB-Wissenscluster. Founded in 1968, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is one of seven universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The location of the university in the heart of Catalonia is an essential asset, as it is one of the most dynamic and enterprising regions of Spain.

In 2012, the rate of local business creation increased by 4.9% despite the generally unfavourable economic situation in the country, and for each company that closed, an average of 6.5 new businesses were created. UAB is Spain`s leading university at OS World University and Times Higher Education, and extends to 100 higher education institutions worldwide for the social sciences. It is one of the 3 best universities in Spain after the 2013 ISI ranking of Spanish universities in scientific research. UAB`s emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship has fostered entrepreneurial behaviour both within the university community and beyond. It is in this spirit that the university organization was designed to achieve the essential activities of the UAB (teaching, research and social engagement). Nevertheless, at the beginning of the UAB`s entrepreneurial transformation process, business faculties and students faced considerable obstacles, such as a negative attitude towards entrepreneurship, culture and bureaucracy within the university. The current strategy of the UAB (mission, vision, activities) is geared towards the integration of all academic structures towards entrepreneurship and, in particular, on the development of a site at one point for all internal and external actors.