Supreme Court On Collaboration Agreement

… sanctioned by the relevant authorities.2. The applicant`s case, as reflected in the defendant`s lawsuit, is the owner of the ownership of the lawsuit. It has concluded a cooperation agreement with… a permanent injunction was upheld.6. Certainly, the accused owns the property in court. The cooperation agreement of 28.04.2014 would have been implemented between the parties…. It appears that the terms of the cooperation agreement have not been met. The first payment of rule 5 lakes was paid to defendant No. 1 at the time of the assumption of… approximately 1600 square metres of the land in question. The applicant set out and reproduced some of the relevant clauses of the cooperation agreement mentioned above in paragraph 5 of the appeal.

In their ice and… The physical possession of the property was also given to Defendant No. 1 for the implementation of the aforementioned cooperation agreement and for the increase in its construction. Then accused the heir a… authorized to sell, transfer or sell parts or parts of this estate, which are contrary to the terms of the aforementioned cooperation agreement and without the express consent of the … Cooperation agreement. 47. The mere fact that royalties are paid to the supplier for locally manufactured products shows that the manufacture of these products… Depending on the technical/technology/licence/patent know-how that is available to the supplier and which can be transferred into the cooperation contract or which may be inherent in the goods delivered… Reducing rice to the conditions mentioned in it.

Another agreement has also been reached on the latter. EGL intended to increase the capacity of the facility, for which cooperation … The technical cooperation agreement that was concluded raised the question of whether the technical services payment agreement had been approved by the central government before April… 1, 1976, or not. After reviewing the documents, the Tribunal found that the cooperation agreement had already been approved by the central government on 3 May 1974 and that, therefore… in accordance with the provisions of Section 9, paragraph 1, point vii), revenue from technical taxes cannot be borne under the cooperation agreement. According to an income advisor… Agreement 2. The complainant owns premises No. L-3, Kailash Colony, New Delhi. He concluded a “cooperation agreement” of 17-5-1991 with the 1st… The parties designated as a cooperation agreement have incriminated themselves in the nature of a joint venture or a cooperation agreement; that the agreement envisages a “division” of the built-up area, on the other hand, the entire …; ».

Conflicts 12. The complainant argues that, although the agreement is called a “cooperation agreement,” it is not a … …. 5. The agreement between the notator and the foreign company was concluded as part of a cooperation agreement of 5 June 1990. Paragraph 8.1 of this agreement contributes to the information of the parties… engineering and sublicensing service contract, and that the latter agreement was called the Float Plant Services Agreement.