Cnn Middle East Peace Agreement

I`m going to go to the minutes. By the end of the decade, a nuclear device will explode somewhere in the Middle East, and that`s because Trump has allowed several countries to multiply nuclear weapons under the guise of arms sales. (CNN) The upcoming peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is a change for the entire Middle East. However, CNN`s coverage of the event focused less on the revolutionary peace agreement and instead embarrassed the White House to have organized such an event in the midst of a pandemic. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have already worked together, albeit calmly and under the radar, and one of the least well-kept secrets in politics yes, this seems politically motivated. Israel has given up almost nothing. The United Arab Emirates has gained little on the surface. The idea that this was fuelled by arms sales is obvious speculation. Trump is getting a political achievement that he hasn`t accomplished yet.

The much-heralded Kushner Palestinian peace agreement failed. CNN appeared to bury the leaders by sounding the alarm at the White House event in memory of the historic peace agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. I am not convinced of the weight of the argument of buying F35. Was the agreement essential to that objective? I`m skeptical. Follow the links below for an overview of the peace process since the Oslo Accords. Five countries that could make the next peace with Israel, CNN downplayed Trump`s recent foreign policy achievements in the past. Last week, the anti-Trump network completely avoided covering the peace agreement announced between Israel and Bahrain during its Primetime formation. Peace is good.

Friendly relations between warring states in a fragile region plagued by conflict? It`s a moment of hallelujah, or it might seem at first glance. But despite the hype, the agreement announced Thursday by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (the so-called “Abraham” agreement) to normalize relations between the two countries is not a biblical miracle.