Can You Get Child Support Without A Custody Agreement

It is contrary to Indiana law and public policy that the court approve any agreement that provides for custody of children on the basis of promises in other areas. For example, a mother cannot tell the biological father of a child that she will give up supporting children if she promises to stay away from the child. Nor is it a good policy to promise additional assets in the event of divorce in exchange for the abolition or reduction of aid. It is always important to remember that children`s issues can be changed. All agreements or provisions regarding child care, custody or educational time may be amended. Yes, for example. B, one parent agrees to give a pension account to the other parent instead of help, the parent could later request a change of assistance to the court. The distribution of assets in this situation would not be changeable. The end result would be contrary to the spirit of the original agreement.

However, if physical custody is shared, both parents care for their children independently of each other. This may lead some parents to believe that their state`s child protection laws will not apply to them, but that is simply not the case. In most cases, the law prohibits a judge from retroactively reducing the payment of family allowances, even if a reduction is reasonable after the fact. They therefore remain responsible for the amounts required before the amended decision on family allowances comes into force. As a general rule, the law requires that the person who pays family allowances continue to pay these payments until one of the following circumstances applies: the filling is one of the most difficult consequences, as it means that your employer withholds some, most or most of your income and returns it to the state. If your child support obligations are with your employer, you may have negative consequences at work. Most countries have a bureaucracy (which may have a name like the Office of Recovery Services) to recover these payments. This office is the best place to start if you are guilty of child welfare.