Articulation Agreement Miami

Articulation agreements describe the transfer of study services between academic institutions. Visit the following websites to learn more about the current articulation agreements between the Regional Sites of the University of Miami and other institutions. The University of Miami has a joint agreement with Miami Dade College. The agreement can be found online one. As part of the articulation agreement between Miami Dade College (Honors College) and the University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences, eligible students who pass from MDC Honors College* receive the following benefits: Ecampus@MiamiOH.edu513-217-4003 At least half of the credit hours required for the chosen primary or secondary subject must be completed at the University of Miami. A student transferring credit hours from a two-year community or college (this is the last school to attend) must complete at least 56 credit hours in the University of Miami residence to earn a bachelor`s degree. A student who transfers credit hours from a 4-year college or university (this is the last school to be attended) must complete at least 45 credit hours at the University of Miami Residence to earn a bachelor`s degree. The priority deadline for submitting a transfer application for registration in the fall is April 1; The deadline for spring applications is 1 November.

Candidates for registration in the fall and spring are constantly informed. Transfer applicants must submit one or more applications and pay the non-refundable application fee; high school graduation certificate; where applicable, the official results of the tests; academic transcripts directly at the Office of Undergraduate Admission; University report form; and a letter of recommendation from a post-secondary public servant or employer filed on their behalf. 1601 University Blvd.Hamilton, OH transfer applicants who have been refused more than twice cannot apply again. Higher education courses (300 levels or more) at the university do not meet the requirements of the Community university courses. . The university has no guidelines on forgiveness of courses. The grades of all repeated courses are put on average. *Limited to 300 places for the autumn semester, 150 for the spring semester Be friends with us, follow us – find out what`s happening at the regionals!. . Interested students who have enrolled as students at other colleges or universities – regardless of the number of post-secondary credits acquired – must apply to be transfer students at the University of Miami. .

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